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Movement, Sport and Health Sciences Laboratory (M2S)

Research unit


The laboratory studies the mechanisms and effects of physical activity through tools and methodology from physiology and biomechanics. The main objective is to improve the benefits-risks balance of the physical activity by taking into account several aspects: Nutrition, health, the nervous factors and the tissue structure.


  • Sylvie Goupilleau
  • Benoît Bideau
  • Amélie Rébillard

Plan & accès

Avenue Robert Schuman
35170 BRUZ


Facilities and services

Sectors of applications

  • Health / wellness
  • Automotive industry
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Media / Communication / Publishing / Events

Specific equipment

Automatic analysis system of fixed gas exchange (CPX Medical graphics)
Automatic analysis system of portable gas exchange (VO2000)
Biochemistry and cell culture room
Motion capture system (Vicon MX40)
AMTI force platform
Lab-designed swimfins robot (Hermès)
Dedicated software for motion simulation

Areas of research


  • and laboratory-testing of cardiac stress
    Technique of metabolic and hormonal assays
    Training quantification and planning
    Quantification of cell receptors
    Relationship between nutrition and physical activity
    Motion capture
    Kinematic and energy analysis of motion
    Detailed modelling of normal and pathological locomotion
    Tools design for performance analysis
  • Ecosystem

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