Research unit


The Lab-Lex laboratory focuses its research on three main areas:

  1. The Vulnerability area relates to the understanding of the notion of vulnerability (polymorphic and unifying) and on the analysis of legal instruments associated with vulnerability (its treatment by the law and the implementation of these rules by a judge)
  2. The Governance area aims to study the meanings and use of the term governance (which applies to companies, associations, the state and international economic organisations) as well as its changes with relation to institutional evolutions:
    1. The Dispute area examines courts (in particular in relation to the heterogeneity of disputes and the development of mass disputes) and the management of risks (contractual, patrimonial, sanitary, natural, etc, outside of court).


  • Dorothée Guérin

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12 rue de Kergoat
Faculté de Droit, des Sciences Economiques, de Gestion et d'AES CS 93837
29238 BREST

Areas of research


Recognised expertise in the field of Vulnerability and Ageing More general expertise in the fields of vulnerability (housing, debt, liability, etc.), risk management (contractual, patrimonial, health, natural ,etc.) and governance (territorial, European & international). Expert reports for ministries and parliament (Coast law, status of soldiers & foundations). Expert reports for organisations for evaluating research


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